63 Days in Africa

The 20 year old criminology student who took a leap into the jungles of Africa (not really the jungle)

So, the story about a swede who threw all of her lifesavings into a 2 month long volunteer trip to Africa. Varför inte? As you say in the language of the Swede. Translated to why not?

Fresh start, new perspective on life, exploring the world, experiencing new cultures, and first and foremost trying to make a difference. I'm not saying that my work there will magically change peoples lives forever or have a huge impact on someone. Im one tiny (so I've been told, don't think I'm that short actually) person, how can I make a difference in a country I have no understanding about? Just that average "I want to help people" white girl from a well-off country who hasn't got a clue what it's like to live in a country with barely any electricity, internet, WIFI!! and all the basic things that we take for granted. But if I somehow can broaden my knowledge about the more important aspects of life, and experience the rawness, and the realness in the world and at the same time make some kind of difference, maybe not alot but at least do something to contribute to helping others I think its worth trying. 

Long story short, I got in contact with a travel agency in Sweden called Goxplore, I've always had a special interest in Zambia and working with children. My Africa planning actually started years ago but I finally came around to going for it just this year. The whole thing went so fast and suddenly I had booked a flight to Zambia for the 10th of september 2017. WHAT?? CRAZY TIMES!!! 

Loaads more to learn about my DREAM TRIP and hopefully I can keep updating here as soon as I have some more crucially important information about my VERY interesting life (which is not alot I must say) stay tuned for more of Shainas big Africa adventure.

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